Current and Upcoming Projects

A quick run-down of what I’ve been working on:

Remastering my first documentary, People Who Do Noise.  Even though it was shot in SD, I’m re-outputting it in HD with new color correction and sound mix.  Its a big improvement.

Just finishing up a music video for my own surf guitar band, Don and the Quixotes.  It is a satire of an old 1-800 television commercial.  The process of trying to imitate the feel of those old commercials is more challenging than I thought.  I may resort to copying it to VHS to lend it some authenticity.

I am shooting and co-editing a short documentary about the world Palindrome champion (Mark Saltviet, who lives right here in PDX).  If it gets a good response, we may expand it to a feature and cover the 2014 Palindrome competition.

I am in discussions to direct music videos for synth artist Pulse Emitter and the doom metal band Diesto this summer.

That’s all that’s certain for now.  Still aiming for another feature as soon as possible…