Press for Ecstasy of Order:

“…one of the best video game films of all time.“  -Destructoid

“…will delight fans of the highly addictive game.” -Variety

“…could be next ‘King of Kong’.” -Escapist Magazine

“…there are intriguing characters and dramatic showdowns, and the film does a solid job of building up its central mystery…” -Wired

“…makes a solid case for Tetris being the great intellectual challenge of the 20th century.”  -The Austin Chronical


For People Who Do Noise:

“…director Adam Cornelius powerfully conveys the idea that noise music is a reflection of the chaos of nature, implying that gentler musical sounds are often shackled by conventional and unnatural order.”Nathan Carson, Willamette Week

“Utilizing amazing sound mixing and a strong balance of interviews and performances, People Who Do Noise is a good introduction for those who know nothing about noise, as well as an appropriate portrait of noise musicians for those who are already interested.”  –Vivian Hua, Redefine Magazine


Review on G4TV: