Mast Climbers For Facade Work

The construction industry is tackling many significant challenges right now. From COVID-19-related issues such as lower skilled labor availability, supply chain difficulties and inflation to the impact of a wide range of macroeconomic factors including higher interest rates, wage costs and supply shortages.

The use of mast climbers for building facade work can provide an effective, low-cost solution to some of these complex and challenging challenges. Suitable for up to 12 stories and beyond, mast climbers offer significant advantages over scaffolding when it comes to completing work at height projects.

Exploring Different Types of Mast Climbers for Various Projects

Mast climbers are highly flexible and can be used as a stand-alone access solution or in combination with scaffolding. With a mast climber, you can save on the cost of traditional board and fittings by up to 60%. Additionally, a mast climber can be erected much quicker than traditional scaffolding and dismantled in a fraction of the time which can help to deliver substantial cost savings on site.

Another great feature of a mast climber is the flexibility to work on inclined facades. This can be achieved by utilising a slope adaptor on the Scanclimber range of machines which provides a stable platform even when working on sloped cladding.

Whether it is to complete brickwork, window or panel installation or facade coating treatment, mast climbing work platforms like the Alimak MC 450 and MC 650 provide an ideal access solution for these challenging projects. To find out how a mast climber could be beneficial for your next project, please get in touch with our product experts.